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## 18.dec, 2020
Well, this was a long run. I commited to git the last version that is supposed to be released - tomorrow. So, I finalized recording, minimal corrections in terms of limiting, topping and tailing, but essentially, what comes from SuperCollider is basicaly what is on the recording. Save for algorithmic randomisations and stuff. 2020 was a really weird year. So much detours, so many distractions, so much invisible pressure. But I'm happy with this final result. I had some completely different ideas and they are still here, but hopefully in the next project. Soon.
All the code is now in ark_d.scd. No libraries, not samples, no separate init files. It's just that. And the dependency on SC3-plugins. Sorry about that.
I learned so much. I took so much from the community, many helping comments, solving what I couldn't understand. Thank you! And, there's so much more to learn. I'm still a beginner. But a bit more confident one.