Smol or mid-sized snippets of SuperCollider code that start in SuperCollider's Workspace Emacs buffer from scratch.
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Luka Prinčič d0403fe3cb highpitchbits and basslinesliderondeman 8 months ago
smp samples! 8 months ago
2016-12-12_Prout_interval_randomness.scd updates i don't know 8 months ago
2020-02-14_240_plucks.scd crossdevice testing magit/git 8 months ago
2020-11-01-funkymodulations.scd funky modulations added 8 months ago
2020-11-03_noisevember_simple_10iteration_scale_ringz.scd cleaned up noisevember 1 (2020-11-03) 8 months ago
2020-11-04_13-comb-hh-beat.scd minor changes to comb-hh-beat, added older 240plucks 8 months ago
2020-11-05.scd granulations! 8 months ago
2020-11-10.scd fix whitespace 8 months ago
2020-11-18-wranglenicemelodies.scd wrangle me melodie 8 months ago
2020-11-18_kick-comb-dark-saw.scd micro tweaking on delay 8 months ago
2020-11-21_highpitchbits_basslineslide.scd highpitchbits and basslinesliderondeman 8 months ago
LICENSE Initial commit 1 year ago
LorenzPattern.scd just whitespace 1 year ago readme fix 8 months ago


A place to dump little or mid-sized snippets of SuperCollider code.