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Structure of code

Main components of this project are three:

  • Processing code taking care of visuals (in folder pde/)
  • SuperCollider code - generative and live sound, GUI interface for touchscreen (in folder scd/)
  • Renoise module - composition (sound) and midi triggers for Processing/visuals (in foder rnx/)

Helper folders:

  • dat/ contains some data for SuperCollider (for now)
  • smp/ contains samples for SuperCollider
  • doc/ contains some simple documentation (this file!)
  • dev/ is some development code (may not be in git)
  • textures for Processing are in pde/IF3Si/images and may not be in git)

How is this run?

Hardware setup contains of a computer running a capable OpenGL card (Nvidia?) with two displays. One is a multitouch display device (1920x1080 but not necessary), the other is either a simple display monitor or a projector capable of 60fps at FullHD (1080p). Underlaying OS is Linux.


I personally do the following - I access everything through a remote laptop, loging in through ssh and running:

export DISPLAY=":0.1"

(this is actually not very necessary, but the following is:

edit ~/.processing/preferences.txt and change run.display=1 accordingly. I have it on 1, since 0 is my 'primary' display, which is the touchscreen.

See an example xorg.conf

Processing applet is run remotely by using two small bash scripts:

  • *:
if [[ -z $1 ]]; then
	echo "error. no argument."
	echo "need the sketch path"

export DISPLAY=":0"
~/src/processing-2.2.1/processing-java \
    --force \
    --sketch=$1 \
    --run \



* *:
while (true)
    # clear ~/PROJECTS/IF3Si/pde/IF3Si/
    echo "~~~ Program has quit. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "