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"4K/BPM SCLOrk" is an electronic composition for any amount of laptop performers - but preferably 10 or more. It is written in SuperCollider and developed for Santa Clara University's laptop orchestra, thanks to Bruno Ruviaro. The composition is based on an 8-channel sound installation "4K/BPM Sonoretum" created for "Sonoretum" project at KAPELICA gallery in Ljubljana in 2014, thanks to Marko Košnik, Sandra Sajovic and Jurij Krpan.

User's guide

In constrast to the Sonoretum version, which was created as an autonomously-running algorhythmic composition, SCLOrk version needs laptop performers and appropriate setup.

instruments setup:

audio interface
mono out 1 -> a speaker
3+4 out: headphones
midi interfaces (quneo, wiimote, korg...)
network connection on local LAN

Performer's preparation

  • there are generators and fx (comb filter, lp filter, reverb, master out), all assigned to midi
  • listen to different generators
  • choose a generator in consent with others. each should take one
  • choose a

Composition in time