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# *ark'd, amorphic* development LOG
## 8.apr, 2020
Ended up with two kinda finished SynthDefs - a granulator (I wonder how could it be made more reusable, there's space for improvement), and a supersaw, that is still quite soft - I think quite useful for some deep ground here and there. I have managed to make it quite clean, and learned a lot in the process, especially regarding the Splay and panning and stereo balancing. Basic loading of whatever is in lib/ and smp/ folders now works. Will need to be improved on the way.
I'm kinda moving towards a self-baked framework for composing *dance* tracks, or at least beat-based stuff. It's probably the only way - to build everything by yourself (of course so much has been built within SuperCollider too on top of which I'm building now. There's now also just a basic Buffer player. I was thinking to just create number of different SynthDefs, all some kind of specific synth sounds - pads, leads, basses, etc. I'm also thinking to get onto the single-cycle waveforms collection and use that for table oscilators: Osc, COsc, VOsc, VOsc3...
I also init remote git repo on and pushed current work there (here?).
## 7.apr, 2020
Started to sketch more into my notebook:
- samples
- granular syn.
- glitches, basskicks, highhats
- leads, pads, basses
- SynthDefs, Buffers (loading)
TRYING THINGS OUT ub a different workflow with Ndef and Proxies?
- master bus
- sends?
- control busses
- nested
- Ppar, conductor?