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# *ark'd, amorphic* development LOG
I'll try to post as much as possible about research and work on this project here in a form of a daily log.
## 7.apr, 2020
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## 8.apr, 2020
Ended up with two kinda finished SynthDefs - a granulator (I wonder how could it be made more reusable, there's space for improvement), and a supersaw, that is still quite soft - I think quite useful for some deep ground here and there. I have managed to make it quite clean, and learned a lot in the process, especially regarding the Splay and panning and stereo balancing. Basic loading of whatever is in lib/ and smp/ folders now works. Will need to be improved on the way.
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## 9.apr, 2020
Three hours of play and learning in the morning. Learned how to use ```Ndef``` and then experimented with first building a synth (using Ndef) with sine and pulse oscilators, adding detuning and filter, converting to a ```SynthDef``` and using ```Ndef``` to play with a ```Pbind```:
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## 10.apr, 2020